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ROARHEART Hi peeps, because Im craving outputting and there's no time to blog words, I'm recording faceless (of course!) and don't pressure me about what or when or why. Im a PDA'er autistic. You've been warned! Back off! lol ;)
The App that lets you Listen and Be Heard

Creating and performing should be a shared experience. And HearMeOut is the social app where content gets a voice and where people come to listen and be heard. We created this app to bring creators together with listeners in an interactive and creative way.

Sharing a voice online draws people together in a way that messaging does not. Recording and sharing music, humor, or news expands creativity because interactive feedback can spark a new idea or add a great twist you wouldn’t have otherwise. Music artists on the app attest that sharing song clips or singing acapella helps them get music out there for quick feedback.

Before HearMeOut, music was something listeners just download and play through earphones. Now you can connect to an entire music community easily through a multi-featured app.

The encouragement and connection in a great music community allows performers to adjust their music to the opinions and tastes of their listeners. Imagine being able to share your own sound with one of your favorite artists. On HearMeOut you can.

What’s more creative people need to feel support. “Hey, I love that song,” can really boost an artist whether he or she is producing a demo, putting together an album, or just playing around. Creators and performers rave about the ability to find supportive, kind listeners who give honest feedback.

There’s something about connecting socially with creative people that adds a sense each person is involved in helping one another. Asking questions, hearing progress, and relating feelings personalizes the experience in a valuable way.

Personalize the app through creating your own profile and connecting with a network you put together. Social connectedness strengthens emotional health and creativity. And because you connect through an app, artists don’t have to dress up or come up with a dance routine, they can just record and share.

Music, in fact, has the power to change your mood, increase productivity, and even improve I.Q depending on the music you listen to and how you interact with it. Singing right along with a professional artist can increase your endorphins to improve your mood quickly. Listening to great music, whether it be jazz, pop, rap, or classical can help your mind think more creatively.

And making recording mobile means you can connect to creative people anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. Since 2014, HearMeOut has been changing the face of voice recording as it brings people together around the world.

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